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Welcome to India's Development Partnership

                                Development partnership occupies a paramount place in India's foreign policy. India's external development assistance programmes in developing countries have increased significantly in their scope and coverage in the past few years. These include Lines of Credit, grant assistance, technical consultancy, disaster relief, humanitarian aid, educational scholarships and a wide range of capacity building programmes including short-term civilian and military training courses.
                                This development cooperation is based on two main pillars, first, Development cooperation incorporating the idea of partnership, i.e. working for mutual benefit and secondly, development cooperation based on priorities determined by the partner. In recent years, the development cooperation programmes have expanded voluminously, both in geographical spread and sectoral coverage.
                                The Development Partnership Administration (DPA) was set up in the Ministry of External Affairs in January 2012. DPA aims to streamline and improve delivery of the various elements of India's development assistance through the stages of conceptualization, launch, implementation and commissioning. The DPA functions in close coordination with the concerned Territorial Divisions of the Ministry, who continue to be the main interlocutors with partner countries on the prioritization and selection of projects for coverage under India's development assistance initiatives.DPA comprises of three Divisions and among them DPA- II Division is the nodal division for all capacity building programmes, including the Indian Technical & Economic Cooperation Programme (ITEC), Special Commonwealth Assistance for Africa Programme (SCAAP) and Technical Cooperation Scheme (TCS) of Colombo Plan schemes.


""It was so creative, empowerment and advance New knowledge on computing and machine learning on programming language which gives me the best and more advantage in time of DATA analysis, I really appreciate C-DAC MOHALI CHANDIGARH institution authority, if permited I will like to go for more knowledge on network and cyber security or computer applicationI also plea to the school authority to assist us on online training especially me I will like to study online with C-DAC MOHALI CHANDIGARH INSTITUTION in all India is so wonderful , I'll like secure another opportunity if permited thanks.""



""Agricultural extension approaches for sustainable agriculture development course has given me an opportunity to learn new things which are not implemented in Malawi,for example ICT Application in Agriculture,Mobile based e- extension services and The Market Led Extension approach.These are some of the topics which can help Malawi to reduce some market related problems. In addition to this, the course has made me to have more knowledge on how to reduce climate change problems, after visiting NICRA Village and ICRISAT.Finally i would like to thank the Ministry of External Affairs,Government of India for sponsoring the course and MANAGE Staff for very good course presentation and good hospitality during our stay at MANAGE.""



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