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Apply for e-ITEC / ITEC Onsite


e-ITEC is a modality of ITEC programme wherein training is imparted in partner countries by Indian Institutes online in real time. Under e-ITEC, the classrooms are shifted to our partner countries and tailor made courses are delivered by Indian faculties online/ through video conferencing. The facilities in the classroom required are desired internet bandwidth, telecommunication links and a focal person to coordinate.

ITEC Onsite is a customised capacity building training under ITEC programme which are imparted in the partner country by deputing Indian experts/trainers in that country. ITEC Onsite is offered when a significant number of participants from a single country are to be trained on a particular subject.

The partner countries approach our missions with a proposal for training under above modalities including detailes regarding desired area of training , minimum number of participants and classroom facilities etc. The nominated participants by the partner countries apply through ITEC portal and physically join in classes on the given date and time.